Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

By Calvin Williams
Father, Mentor &
California Corrections Officer

Could the word Rod be a metaphor for the act of correcting?

Children can find themselves subject to all types of discipline from parents or guardians. In single parent homes, especially. If you as a parent find yourself hitting your child with a clenched fist, or anything other than your open hand or a belt to the child’s buttocks, you have stepped into an area of abuse..

The time has come for a different approach. The old school method of discipline obviously isn’t working. There are times with some children that a (controlled), physically painful consequence is needed, however if you find yourself striking your child nearly every day, something is clearly wrong.

In an article, she wrote called “How Spanking Harms the Brain”. 

Why spanking should be outlawed. Posted Feb. 12, 2012, she states;

“Spanking gets quick results, but it doesn’t reduce the undesired behavior. In addition to detrimental physiological effects, it may also inflict lasting emotional damage that inhibits the learning process. Physical punishment undermines trust between parent and child and breeds hostility toward authority figures. Being hit may subsequently hinder social relations in the classroom where there is a power differential between teacher and child. It is any wonder when hitting sends the signal to a child that learning occurs through punishment? This form of discipline pretends to be educational, but is actually requires surgery.

such as parents and teachers, may be construed as purveyors of sadism rather than knowledge. Corporal punishment undermines compassion for others, for oneself, and limits the mutual capacity for
gaining insight.”

Do you think that after reading this, there might be a slight possibility that, the culture of whipping our children is contributing to their delinquency? Do you really think that the countless children who are misbehaving in school, joining gangs and ending up dead or in prison never got a whipping? Let’s be real. Even the most even-tempered parents can be driven to a place of rage when they can’t seem to get through to their children. We love them and we sometimes fear the ultimate consequences for their defiance. As a parent, I get it, but a child is a child with the mind of a child. Our children do not come with a set of instructions, therefor as parents we must access the wealth of free information to better understand what we are clearly struggling with.