Millennials Revealed

By Tru Pettigrew

Story Behind the Book

   Uniquely diverse and multifaceted, the Millennial generation influences today’s racial, cultural, economic, political, and social realities. So any business, organization, denomination, institution, or movements that wants to stay relevant and thrive in today’s world, must adjust and adapt its practices and culture to connect with and include Millennials.

   In my book, Millennials Revealed, I discuss ways to bridge the generational divide by helping individuals and organizations understand how to best connect with members of this important and influential generation.

   I’ve had the good fortune of spending 22-plus years of my life working with, learning from, leading, empowering, inspiring, and being inspired by what many consider the most fascinating generation in American History: The Millennials (although I’m sure there a some Baby Boomers who may have something to say about that ).  

   Over the course of my life, I have engaged Millennials as an artist, a marketing executive, an entrepreneur, a speaker, a coach, a mentor, a leader, a confidant, and a friend.

   And although I'm a gen X'er, I enjoy the great pleasure of also being married to an amazingly gifted, talented and beautiful Millennial. I've engaged (literally and figuratively) with Millennials across many disciplines and have been able to leverage my experience and expertise to help older generation clients, colleagues, customers, and counterparts understand how to connect with this unique generation in a meaningful way. 

   I wrote Millennials Revealed to help bridge the painfully obvious gaps I’ve seen develop and continue to grow between Millennials and their older generation counterparts. 

   While many individuals and organization simply focus on calling out and complaining about Millennials, they’re not taking any steps to resolve the issues. There are also some who have taken steps to address the issues and fell short because they are taking a transactional approach to a challenge that requires a transformational solution.

   My experience with this generation has taught me three really important principles about how to effectively engage Millennials.

   The world is in desperate need of heroes, and I believe Millennials are the Hero generation that can and will save the world from many of the social, economical, racial, and political ills. They need help though.

   Millennials need and deserve better than to be just labeled with negative stereotypes such as lazy, entitled, and selfish and denied a seat at the table.

   And older generation leadership, institutions, and organizations need and deserve better than to be relegated as irrelevant and outdated by Millennials, especially considering the invaluable wisdom, contribution and opportunities these individuals and institutions provide.

   Millennials Revealed appreciates, addresses, and meets both distinct audiences where they are and guides them to the intersection point of where and how they can and should co-exist. 

   Millennials are the collaboration generation and thrive in climates of inclusion. Knowing this, Millennials Revealed serves as an empowering guide that helps parents, businesses, and organizations connect with the Millennial generation, while also helping Millennials better understand themselves, and how to best achieve their goals and dreams.